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No TricksNo SecretsNo ShortcutsNothing for Dummies — and you're NOT going to learn the ukulele in 7 days or 30 days or even master it in your lifetime. You just enjoy the ride and have a lifetime of fun! And, you can to take advantage of Curt Sheller 30 plus years of serious study of music, jazz and an intense focus on `ukulele since 2003.

Teacher and Club Discounts

Ukulele Club and Teacher discounts are available for all ukulele and guitar books by Curt Sheller. Curt Sheller Publications is a small publishing company, basically me, myself and I. I can work directly with teachers and ukulele clubs. I offer a 20% discount when ordering multiple copies of any title by me, Curt Sheller.

As a private music/instrument teacher myself, I know the importance of supplementing your teaching income with performance and product sales. Selling books or writing your own book or books, which I can help with as well, is a great way to earn some extra income.

Ukulele Clubs and Teachers can contact me, Curt at 484-942-4080 for more information or send an email.


With the popularity of the ukulele on the rise. There is no shortage of books for learning the ukulele.

Books run from easy beginner books for introducing one to playing the ukulele to advanced books covering more advance "jazz" chords.

Jim Beloff's Flea Market Music has a great selection song books.

Curt's publications and books are available direct from Curt Sheller Publications and, LearningUkulele.com.

Song Sources

Here are a few links to songs to get a uke player rollin'

A lot of the Ukulele Clubs page have a list of the songs that the club performs when they get together.

Ukulele Chord & Fingerboard Charts

FREE ukulele chord charts downloads are available right here on my web LearningUkulele.com site at: Ukulele Charts

Ukulele Chord Site Links ands Reference

Mega List list of chord site links right here on LearningUkulele.com site at: Ukulele Chord Site Links